Game rules
-Each player starts the game from 4 corners named START
-Each player has the right to throw dice 5 times (each player will have will have 5 cones of the same color)
-According to the number on the dice, the player makes the move clockwise.
-If the made move will bring the player to the START box corners, it means the player didn’t win anything this time. The move passes to the next player.
-After each dice are discarded, the turn moves to the next competitor.
-When he gets to the box, he leaves one of his own colored cones.
-If the player comes back to a box of his own, he throws additional dice from the step he came.
-If the player comes to the box where someone else has the colored cones, he puts his own colored cone above the opponent’s cone and takes this person’s prizes (your opponent no longer wins a gift from this box, he also looses both: the game and the gift from the store)
-When all players complete the right to throw 5 dice, they can go to the related stores to use the vouchers of the gaming and store gifts according to their colored cones (coupons are valid until 1st of September.)
-When using the right of throwing 5 dice, the player gets START corner, Returning to Your Area or additional dice rights from the Chance / Gift cards, it does not affect the right of throwing 5 dice.
-At the end of the competition, if the sponsor stores has not been given away to any of the players, the winner will be the one who wil have the biggest last dice.