FunCity Card is issued at the entertainment complex and gives you an opportunity to use all game machines and playing units. Once you receive FunCity Card at the cashier and fill in your membership questionary, you'll be the first to receive information about promotions held in the center and will be able to take advantages one of the first.

Features of the FunCity Card:

- The cost of the card is charged at the rate of 30 som when you buy it. In subsequent visits, you can continue use the same card.
- You can participate in all promotions and enjoy the benefits with the FanCity Card.
- At FunCity entertainment complex costs of gaming units varies within 30-100 som.
- Billiards, Bowling, PlayStations are paid by the hour.
- You can download to the FunCity Card tickets that you have won on the prize machines.
- Credit remaining on the FunCity Card is valid during 1 year.