FunCity is the leader of the global trends and advanced technologies in Bishkek city!

FunCity is an indispensable place for fans of entertainment, which takes into account and implement all the details and there are playgrounds corresponding to the World standards. Game machines carefully selected for children, young people and families and unforgettable moments of fun is awaiting for you at the FunCity.

Bowling, Billiards, Video Games with World Heroes, Sport Games, Rodeo, Autodrome, hard racing competitions and matches on PlayStation area will increase your enjoyment. In addition to enjoying the game on the redemption machines, your fun will be doubled by gifts for your collected winning tickets. While you'll get the pleasure of team games with your friends, you will also enjoy delicious dishes with unique taste prepared at a professional kitchen of the FunCity Cafe - Restaurant.

Joy of Kids and Families is on the high level at FunCity!

While children play in the Soft Play area in Safari World, their parents will be involved in their children's entertainment, sipping coffee at FunCity Cafe and enjoying the living moment. Kids games with World Heroes, carousel, mini airport, and more is awaitsing for you at FunCity. Memorable activities at special parties and birthdays in Party Rooms at FunCity. Besides, your children can develop their skills in the preparation of tasty delicacies at the kitchen workshop. They will be able to learn while having fun at the same time. There is enough fun for children and for those who always remains a child at FunCity!

Shopping in Bishkek Park, Entertainment in FunCity!

There are a lot of entertainments at FunCity which are located in an area of 4500 square meters in the meeting point of Bishkek city - Bishkek Park. Families, adults and young people enjoy the shopping in the prestigious city shopping center, at the same time families enjoy the fun together with their children at FunCity.

Workin hours of the FunCity: 10.00 – 00.00
Spft Play and Kiddy Rides areas: 10.00 – 22.00
Bowling- Billiards- Karaoke and Cinema Hall: 12.00 - 02.00